Why so many underperforming hotels in Costa Rica?

One would have thought that in a country that has tourism at the top of its agenda that the industry would be a roaring success with world-class quality services all over the place with properties that have and are achieving their operating potential.

Sadly this is far from the case, and now more than ever, with a declining tourist base and an oversupply of inventory we see hotels in stress mode.

Why? Some reasons are as follow.

Lack of investment in people and education during the good times.

Poorly thought out project in the first place.

Non trained management with no eye for detail and no creative flair, same old boring offerings led by that antiquated menu.

Poor quality service, friendly generally yes, but you often get the same service at the local soda as you get in expensive restaurants.

The food offering sucks, the lack of creative flair coming out of the kitchens here in general is a real problem

Lack of investment back into the business over the years, a lack of an ongoing financial and ongoing investment plan that is pivotal to the ongoing success of the business.

No training budget, no training period.

Lack of market understanding, no idea on who the market is and what the customer base require.

Ownership and management that do not have the skills to reposition the property and adjust to different trading conditions.

Lack of awareness of how the industry world-wide has developed, how the expectations of the travelling public have changed.

Lack of value in the product offering, poor pricing strategies.

If you require a review of your hotel and advice on how to implement quality hotel management strategies and services, send an inquiry to mark@turnerlodgingco.com.

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