Hotel development coordination

Who does what in the hotel development coordination process, from the design, construction, purchasing and installation of a new hotel?

What budget category, estimated by whom, designed by whom, contracted by whom, purchased by whom, installed by whom, approved by whom, signed off and controlled by whom?

Where does one start!

Take these areas of responsibility; general construction, furniture, art work, flooring, wall coverings, ceiling finishes, doors, lighting, mechanical, electrical, life safety, security systems, elevators, TVs, music systems, telephones and systems, audio visual, food service, laundry, housekeeping , maintenance related, shelving, office equipments, recreational equipment, window coverings, shower curtains, mirrors, accessories, bedspreads linen, mattresses, terry, uniforms, table ware, kitchen utensils, working inventories, signage, landscaping, roadways and pathways.

Then add-on to that all the team members involved such as the architect, acoustical  consultant, audio-visual consultant, construction estimator, civil engineer, elevator consultant, fire protection consultant, graphic artist, general contractor, interior designer, food service consultant, laundry consultant, landscape artist, lighting consultant, millwork contractor, mechanical engineer, hotel operators purchasing department, systems consultant, structural engineer. Add to that also the owner and developer, perhaps even a real estate agent, the hotel consultant and the hotel manager.

No wonder mistakes happen, items are forgotten, duplications arise, budgets get screwed up, owners get frustrated, delay overruns occur, development costs are strained.

For advice in resort hotel development, contact Mark Turner who has been involved with 9 ore opening and development projects worldwide, and whose hospitality business advisory services are customized to serve independent hotel owners and developers in Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and southern Europe.

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